Charmain Lovett Photography


For me, photography is a hobby that got out of hand and i’m delighted that i’ve been able to evolve my passion into a respected business.

Even as a child I would drive my parents crazy by taking film after film of photos on their 35mm camera and making them pay to have them processed by post. I’m pretty sure the postman delivered a new set of prints on a daily basis!

In recent years I have thrown myself into photographing as much as I can and have varied my subjects to develop my portfolio. I’ve very much enjoyed my commissioned work with restaurants and hotels, finding ways to best represent and showcase their businesses but for me there is nothing more rewarding than capturing pure, emotional human reaction. From a dad seeing his daughter in her wedding dress for the first time, to a small child howling with laughter after jumping in a puddle and splashing his mum: to be able to capture these special moments and hand them back to those people and their family, as a photograph so they can see it themselves, is a joyous and precious thing.

I hope you enjoy what you see!

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